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RV Maintenance Tips In Abilene, TX

RVs offer a great way to bring the comforts of home on the road, but, much like a car, truck, and SUV, they require quite a bit of routine maintenance. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to take care of your RV that will help prevent problems in the future. Check out these RV maintenance tips, then stop in at RVs of West Texas to have your RV examined for potential problems.

Cover the Roof

One of the best things you can do for one of the typically overlooked parts of your RV is to cover the roof. The roof takes quite a beating when it’s exposed to the elements and sun rays. While out of sight, out of mind might be a good philosophy for somethings, it doesn’t apply to your RV. Putting your RV under a carport or cover can help prevent thousands in future maintenance costs.

Watch Your Seals

Some RVs tend to have issues when it comes to weather stripping and seals. Faulty seals can allow moisture to leak into the vehicle. On top of that, seals naturally degrade over time, which means they’ll eventually make it to the maintenance list. Make sure to check the seals around the windows and doors every three months or so. RV owners should double check the roof seals every six months as well. Common signs of seal problems include cracks and water stains.

Open the Vents

Like all closed structures, RVs tend to get hot during summer, sometimes even exceeding 130 degrees. That kind of heat can cause significant damage to seals, seams, and flooring. Fortunately, opening the vents can allow the heat to escape and promotes airflow through the RV. That will keep the temperature down and ultimately help lengthen the life of the interior. Make sure to cover the exterior vents in case it rains!

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RV Maintenance Tips in Abilene, TX


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